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Reply Thomasjaisy
12:21 AM on April 24, 2017 
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Reply MrShutkolub
10:13 AM on October 30, 2012 
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Reply shantel
1:45 PM on December 31, 2011 
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Reply Cindy
4:13 PM on November 13, 2011 
love your sight; tried joining six times; says I'm not getting the word phrase correct; I must be really stupid; tried SIX times and still "oops"
Reply frank
7:37 AM on November 3, 2011 
like them
Reply mike
6:40 PM on September 25, 2011 
alex says...
you owe me some money asshole

Reply ray soltero
10:27 AM on September 25, 2011 
cannot beat them join them
Reply alex
9:25 PM on September 6, 2011 
you owe me some money asshole
Reply robinxt
1:59 AM on August 8, 2011 
Hi there I already watch your video,s on youtube,because Iam a fan.
I made a profile here noww2.Just a short hallo and keep up the good work
Reply Bumble-Bina
8:59 AM on July 5, 2011 
I am glad to see another good site exposing illuminati. I have recently joined the crow house who also like yourselves have created a good site to let people know the truth. I have myself created a site unitedinbetweenies.com in hope to give the soft approach as many who are about to wake may need to learn to unite gently The main reason I am writing is to let you know I could not get on this site via link referral. nor could i get on other sites that mentioned illuminati. Their straight and very narrow power is every where. We need to check inwards and step cautiously outwards. Love to those who work in care for clear life and even love to the murky. Illuminati has no joy, learn to step away.