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Signs of the illuminati ! BANNED from youtube 2011 short version is now free with ads! ILLUMINATI symbols symbolism and handsigns? 90 minute documentary download the exteneded and improved version below, WOLVOMAN80 documentary 2011 Signs of the ILLUMINATI? 2011 Documentary (banned from youtube) june 2011 youtube decide to block this video and stop me uploading long videos! WOLVOMAN80, but you can watch and download the movie at my website! you can even try posting yourself as long as if it accepts u put a link to this site the movie looks at symbols and signs of the illuminati! on the news in the music industry, logos, nazi, skull and bones freemason and satanic symbolism that is being used today in cartoons on tv in movies and music videos including lady gaga, rihanna, jay z, spougebob, tom and jerry and signs in ancient egyptian, sumerian, greek and roman mythology. hexagram summoning demons witchcraft albert pike, adolf hitler, george washington, bill clinton, john kerry, george bush, barrack obama, alex jones, mozart, walt disney, WOLVOMAN80, michael jackson, eminem, church of satan, shiva, masonic ritual ground zero 911 internet censorship is coming from google, youtube, blip tv, follow WOLVOMAN80 on facebook http/www.facebook.com/pages/Wolvoman80/217103994978120

Posted by mike on September 27, 2011 at 8:41 PM 4703 Views

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Reply ctsjy2011
12:46 AM on November 22, 2011 
Asking the same as divinelove...I know that on purchasable vids, there is a "floppy disk" link that allows you to download after purchase, but what about free docs?
Reply divinelove
8:02 AM on November 5, 2011 
How do you download to the computer?
Reply d.hislope
11:31 PM on October 23, 2011 
It's no wonder you tube banned this. The CIA can't have people learning the truth, and since google owns you tube and the cia owns google...